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Taking My Time Back, Step One

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

If I had anything approaching a resolution for this year, it was to try to carve out more free time. My definition of a weekend seems to be "catching up on stuff people dump in my lap at the last minute." I push myself to get things finished, and then I get to work on Monday cranky and with no rest. To channel Winston Churchill, this is something up with which I shall no longer put. 

Well, this is something I've brought on myself, and I have to take the initiative and put my foot down like Bronzino's cupid crushing a comedy troupe logo.

So it starts now. If you owe me something, I need it by Friday morning. Conversely, if I owe you something, let me know ASAP so I can get it done. Chances are I've forgotten about it or I'm waiting on someone else to get me something so I can finish my thing for you. In either case, ping me and I'll let you know.

Yes, I know there are weekend meetings and previously set deadlines that must be made. That's different. What I'm talking about is getting stuff dumped on me at the last minute. As the old cliche goes, lack of planning on your part will no longer constitute an emergency on my part.

The weekend starts as soon as Paul walks in the door, or I drop everything at 5ish to start dinner. 

This is going to be hard. I'll probably twitch all weekend knowing something isn't getting done, but it's a start on carving out more time for family. And for me.

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