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On lack of sleep ... and I'm too tired to remember what else

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I've been trying something that's supposed to "promote natural sleep habits" and cut down on the hot flashes. It worked for a few nights. I'll keep it up for the month. I've paid for the damn pills already, I may as well use them.

Yes, I'm desperate. Sleep is fleeting these days. I'm told it's a common condition for women my age and I should just grab the rest while I can. Even if I don't sleep I should just kick back and relax. Read a book, watch a movie, close my eyes for a bit. I try, and that does help. But it still doesn't beat a night of sleep.

Oh, it's been worse. And right now the alternative seems to be to take a truckload of hormones. Given the risks, I think I'll pass. And Paul (oh, I love that man!) agrees. So there ya go.

This too shall pass. In the meantime, I should see it as an excuse to get in a truckload of reading and research on the various WIP's. That's the ticket.

One more bit o' news: "Two of the Deadliest" is #1 on the Amazon Mystery anthology list. The Kindle edition is #2, and the large print edition is #15. This is very exciting. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy. I hope you enjoy it!


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