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Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh (almost) daily from Julie Barrett

Here I sit, slightly damp and more than a little peeved. I'll get to that in a minute.

Danged busy weekend at the Manor. I worked most of Saturday, we had lunch with a friend on Sunday, then we settled in to watch the Super Bowl, little knowing that some people in Tuscon got a bit of a surprise in the 4th quarter.

I knew it took cajones to play pro football, but that's going a bit far.

You know things are going to go pear-shaped when I state that I'm so desperate to get away from the computer that I stoop to housework. Today was just warm enough that I could tackle one of those jobs that never gets properly done during the cold weather. That's right, I thoroughly cleaned the cat box. Sure, I dump the litter and clean it out as best I can, but somehow it never seems really clean unless I can take it outside, hose it down, and let it dry in the sunshine.

I'll spare you the nasty details, but give you all the humiliating ones. The new LitterMaid comes apart for easy cleaning. That means the top with the mechanism gets wiped down with soap and water (carefully) while the bottom can be immersed in water, hosed down, or what have you. I just go outdoors with various cleaning implements and get to work.

Apparently the freeze last week killed our spray attachment. Instead of spraying water at the target, water spewed out the sides and all over me. Some of you in the northern part of the country may disagree, but here 55 degrees is just a little cool to get soaking wet. I came in, dried off, then went out to finish the job.

Of course, Midnight sat at the patio window, watching with amusement. I'm so glad I could provide entertainment to the feline faction.

And now I see that the text box application I use for entering blog posts is messed up. This should post, but all the HTML and picture goodies are gone. Ack. One more thing to do.

But first, I'm going to finish drying off.


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