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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Apologies for the site being down for most of the day. It was out of my hands, but I'll prostrate myself at your feet.

Or something like that.

Anyway, this was a busy weekend. Friday night was the Fencon kick-off party. Thanks to everyone who came, and double thanks to those who stayed to help clean up.

Spent the rest of the weekend (and today) revamping the HouseFans.net site. It still needs some work, but it looks much better than it did last night.

And dang, I forgot to order contact lenses today. Better make a huge sticky note to remind me for tomorrow.

Thanks to Paul for the fun find of the weekend, the Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock, complete with 130 or so phrases from Jeeves. Of course, it's Stephen Fry! The really fun bit is that these are new phrases, not stuff pulled form the Jeeves and Wooster series. The page at ThinkGeek links to a number of wonderful sound bits, but you might want to consider whether or not you should play some of them in the office. Expecially the one regarding seizing the day.

And Stephen Fry brings us neatly to Hugh Laurie, and it's time for House. So I'm off to relax for a while.


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