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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, I can't say that I have anything amazing to post, but I'm just about dead for the day. It's only Tuesday, and I feel as though I've put in an entire week of work. Yesterday, of course, was playing catch up on things. Today's plan was to finish the current project and get it ready to send literally out the door.

Until the phone rang yesterday evening. The friend I subbed for last Tuesday was still sick and wondered if I'd go in for her today. Hey, free bowling again. And once again, two really good games before I fell apart. It was good to get out of the house.

I did take a little work down with me, and got a few minor tasks out of the way. Play and work! What a concept! The only thing I discovered, much to my consternation, was that I couldn't connect to the web server I had loaded on the notebook unless the network card was turned on. Grr. Yes, let's eat batteries while we work. Yum.

Got home, made lunch started bread, and then sat down to eat lunch. Just as I was getting ready to get down to work the phone rang. Someone with a problem. It was personal, and not work-related, and the person really had an ugly problem. It's not something I feel comfortable going into online, but I was glad to put things aside to help the person out.

As it happens, I did get the other project out of the way in time to cook dinner. That's always a good thing. ;-)

So here I am, ready to take a breather. I think I'll work on another project for about an hour, and then I can go to bed with a book. What is she reading, you ask? Dorothy L. Sayers' Unnatural Death. I've read this book a million times and know whodunnit and how and why, but I've found that reading something I've read many times helps with the insomnia. Something about putting the brain on autopilot, I guess. That generally works for me. And these days, I'm all for getting a decent night's sleep.

And what is she writing right now, you ask? HTML and CSS. I'm redesigning a web site. Sure, there's always a story cooking, and yes, I still want to start that series on publishing. It'll happen as soon as I get some time. That'll be the second thing to happen. The first is that I'll get some rest!


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