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Monday Mumblings, Icy Edition

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Icy Leaf

Baby, it's cold outside! Cold enough for the rain to freeze, at least.

Saturday's high was 80F. Yesterday's high was in the 40s.

I plan to spend the day indoors, working on a few projects, wrestling with a WordPress template for another site, perhaps. I've been trying find a theme that would work with the way I want to redesign this particular site, and nothing works. Guess I'm going to roll my own. This could be fun. Or not.

Another thing on the back burner is a series on writing and publishing. Every time I get my notes together, however, I notice something is missing or I have bullet points in the wrong place. It'll happen.

For now, I must get a LWIFT piece out, then dive back into reformatting some very ancient Word documents. I'm amazed I can still open them.

Stay warm!

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