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Monday, December 8, 2008

My schedule is up in the air for the rest of the month, so blogging may happen at odder than usual times. No big changes afoot; just December as usual.

How was your weekend? Part of mine was spent cleaning and at the sewing machine. After I spent all that time last weekend working on that typewriter, it seemed a shame to let it get all grungy again. Of course, you can't buy typewriter covers these days, so I dug up some fabric and made one. Then Paul suggested that it would be a good idea if I made a cover for one of our mixers. This thing is huge, and we don't have any sort of box for it. So I did that as well.

While watching the Cowboys lose yesterday afternoon I tried to dig in and see if I could fix the bizarre problem with my web server. I've narrowed it down to ASP.Net 3.5. I can do a repair install and the server will work for a while. It's not an ideal solution, but it'll have to do until I can spend more time digging into it.

I didn't get around to mounting the pictures for the portfolio, but I'll see about getting that done in the next day or two. Not that I have places to take it around to now, but gotta be ready, right?

Watching the auto industry execs whine over strings tied to the bailout. GM is knee-deep in denial. If you want the money, you accept the oversight. Think of it as going into credit counseling to avoid bankruptcy.

And while perusing the same news site:

Should your office have a holiday party? Why not? As the article points out, even a potluck at the office is a good thing.

Supreme Court won't hear claim that Obama isn't a natural born citizen. The suit also claims McCain isn't natural born because he was born in Panama. Give it a rest. That's not only an insult to every child born to immigrant parents, but denigrates the people who serve in our Armed Forces. McCain's father was on active duty in the military. He could have been born on Mars and still have US citizenship.

Is no one immune from the publishing downturn?

Well, off to pretend to work.


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