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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Yesterday I sort of obliquely referred to a couple of things going on. First things first, the bit o' Christmas shopping. We told Chris we would upgrade his cell phone for Christmas. His cell phone had been acting up, even though he'd been taking care of it. There had been times it would quit for a day or two at a time. Two trips to the repair shop didn't help. He was eligible for the full upgrade today. Of course, the store closest to us didn't have it, but Chris spent the afternoon calling around and found one.

One down.

Photographic projects? Ah, yes. The lens adapter arrived today and I used an old 135mm lens to take this shot with my DSLR:

Almost Bare

I think this could be fun.

I'll get into the other project tomorrow. As soon as I take some pictures.

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