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The Rain, it Raineth

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And the ennui, it settleth in like a great cloak of, well, ennui. Or something like that.

The rain washed away a lot of the pollen, so I slept well for a change. Yet, I woke up with this feeling that I've missed the boat. It's the lingering clouds, I'm sure. That, and the lack of mail, which always makes me uneasy. We haven't had mail delivery since last Thursday. Friday morning our neighbors set up a garage sale. Friday afternoon the construction crew blocked off two lanes of traffic. It didn't stop people from pulling in at the sale and parking two deep. It did impede mail delivery, though. Late yesterday afternoon the crews picked up their toys and moved down the street. No mail today because of the holiday.

No doubt this means that the accumulated mail will arrive tomorrow after 5:00. Effectively, that means almost a week without mail.

So, what have I been missing, besides bills and credit card offers?* I'm not sure. Delays in mail seem to coincide with the late arrival of galleys or edits that are due about a day after I eventually get them. That's some corollary of Murphy's Law, no doubt. I'll probably spend Thursday locked away catching up.

So this morning I'm just killing a bit of time before Chris leaves the house and I can get down to moving furniture so I can get back to working on this cloak. (Yes, customer, I AM working on it.)

I should go do real work.


*In spite of the crappy economy we still have good credit and the house is worth more than we paid for it, so I guess that still makes us fair game for credit offers.

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