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Sleep? What's That?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yet another restless night.

This morning I stumbled into the kitchen for a second cup of coffee and decided to feast on some breakfast cereal. I poured Cheerios into the (thankfully empty) coffee cup.

Most days I don't have caffeine after 9 or 10 in the morning. I made the mistake last week of having an afternoon cup of coffee and paid dearly for it.

Must get Chris off to school and then come home to stare at the mountain of papers on the desk before I work up a quote for someone. Yes, Chris is still without a car. Apparently there's some terribly obscure issue going on. One of those sensor things that makes the car act up for your own good, I'm sure. "For your own good," means paying a mechanic some ungodly fee to twist a screwdriver in a super secret location.

I should work up the quote first, then stare at the mountain of paperwork. I'll do neither before the coffee kicks in once and for all, though.


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