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Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Monday, another sleepless (sorta) Sunday night. For the last three nights I've had convention nightmares. Generally, I don't have them after the event - especially after such a successful one. I can chalk the dreams up to two things. One is the QL convention in March. The other is that I'm taking on more responsibility with FenCon.

I am going to be conchair in 2010.

Yep, I am a masochist.

These con-related nightmares are a variation of the "something goes wrong and I wake up, fall asleep, try to fix it again, and it doesn't work. Lather, rinse, repeat," type of dream. I get no rest, nor do I ever manage to solve whatever problem I dream about repeatedly.

Speaking of conventions, over the weekend I accepted an invitation to next year's SoonerCon. That's June 5-7, and will be at the Biltomore Hotel in OKC.

The events page is updated.

So how 'bout those Cowboys? Man, that was one sloppy game. The ending seemed fitting. Can't wait to see T.O.'s whine after this one.

Time to get busy. I'd rather fall back into bed, but that ain't gonna happen.


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