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Bad Air Day and Other Alerts

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're under a level red ozone alert for today. Not only that, the pollen count is up over 4100, most of it fungus. This explains a lot.

I also discovered that I'm no longer getting ozone alert e-mails from the state. I've signed up for that and am awaiting the verification. I've signed up for another list that I hope will deliver pollen alerts into my inbox. Still waiting on that verification.

Ding! The second verification came through. Figures. I can't get a pollen report, but I can get an e-mail alert on volcano activity. Guess I'll pass. Ah. I found another place where I can get pollen reports. This type of info should help me manage my breathing issues better.

Still nothing from the state ozone alert system. Hmm.

Speaking of alerts, I signed up for online alerts at the bank yesterday. Took 'em FOUR hours to send me an alert that I'd signed up for alerts. I hope this isn't par four the course.

Another short one, but I must (attempt to) take a deep breath and go back to work. Lots to do today.

And the lights just flickered. Joy.


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