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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, August 25, 2008

I am dead tired.

Couldn't sleep at all last night for some reason. Oh, I know: I have a truckload of work to do today. I tossed and turned thinking about it instead of resting up for the big push.

So yes, this will be short. Spent part of the weekend in meetings. The meetings were here, so I spent the rest of the time cleaning and prepping for the meeting. On top of everything else, I had to stop and completely clean the patio. The rain and wind had left behind a couple of piles of wet leaves, which attracts bugs. I'm not an obsessive housekeeper, but I have this thing about bugs. They should remain outdoors.

Oh, well. I have a clean living room and a clean patio.

It's the first day of school. Chris was up early for his morning classes. He walked in the door a few minutes ago. Next round of classes at 1:00. Webmastering. Should be fun.

I'll try to write more later. Right now I have a deadline staring me in the face, and no energy with which to work. I should make more coffee.


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