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I Didn't Get the Memo

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That seems to be the theme today. Went down to my league this morning to find a big spread o' food. Everyone was supposed to bring a dish. No one had mentioned it to me last week.It's so embarrassing to be the only one who didn't bring food to a potluck.

On top of that, I bowled terrible.

Got home. Tried to catch up on things. Waited on a call from a client that never came through. Activated new charge cards.

The bank deemed it necessary to reissue cards with new numbers and a new expiration date. It was all for my own protection, I'm sure. So I called the 800 number to activate. This was the phone menu tree equivalent of the Monty Python Fire Brigade Sketch. Please enter the last four digits of your card number. We didn't understand that. Type in the entire number. Now tell us your shoe size. We're not finished yet, but we'd like to offer you this service. Press two if you want it. (Pregnant pause.) Are you sure you don't want this service? Press 2 NOW. (Twin of pregnant pause.) All right, be that way. Now tell us your spouse's shoe size. We're all done now, but wouldn't you like to try--

No. Click.

Suffered after-effects from today's healthy lunch. My intestines didn't get the memo that the stuff was supposed to be good for me.

Off to evening league. No one there. Turns out there was no league tonight. Didn't get the memo on that, either. Our team was the only one who didn't know.

Out for fish and chips. Yum. Intestines protested that. Funny, they didn't say a thing about the undercooked fish I had the other night.

Decided to use the free time to upgrade Visual Web Developer. Downloaded the software and started the install. Windows then begged me to restart.

Wait a minute.

Check the install. It's only halfway through. Check the notification. Of course. Windows installed an update for my own good and wanted me to restart. I told it to bug me in ten minutes. Finally restarted and waited fifteen minutes for all the updates to install. Now my anti-spyware product (not from Microsoft) is begging for me to install the latest update. Geesh. Can't a girl surf for Hugh Laurie pictures get any work done in peace?

Answered e-mail. Reported MORE Twitter spam.

Tried Twhirl. Very cool. It takes a little getting used to, though, and I'll have to set it up to autostart on boot.

Ack. Now the anti-spyware program wants me to reboot. I know when I'm licked. Good night.

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