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Welcome to high ozone season

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last night I hacked and coughed away before settling down to bed, and this morning I dragged myself out of bed with my chest feeling as though a sumo wrestler had spent the entire night jumping up and down on my lungs.

Welcome to high ozone season in Texas. I suppose it was wrong of me to get out yesterday afternoon and actually walk outdoors in Fair Park. And it was oh, so wrong of me to spend half an hour waiting in a line of cars to drop off our electronics recycling. You may well ask why people don't turn their engines off instead of idle. A grand plan, that, and Paul tried it. These people were so darned good at keeping the line moving that the good idea went the way of most cunning plans. Stop the car. Shut down the engine. Oops. the line is moving. Start the car. Lather, rinse, repeat. Killing the engine is a fine strategy in so-called fast food drive-ins and motor banks where each transaction takes up to five minutes, but when the line moves every half a minute or less it doesn't work so well.

So this is my reward for trying to get out and move a little bit yesterday. That'll teach me.


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