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On cunning plans that actually work

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

If you're at all familiar with Blackadder, you know what a cunning plan is and why it will never dance naked on the harpsichord singing Cunning Plans are Here Again.

Our cunning plan this weekend was to clean the garage.

Is it a cunning plan if it works? Even partway?

The trunk of my car is full of small items to donate to charity. Large items to donate fill a space about the size of a small car on the driveway. I'll be calling for a pickup tomorrow. Still more items are by the alley for bulky trash pickup later this week. And there are enough items to almost fill the back of the truck to go for electronics recycling next weekend. Those items are in the garage yet, because they don't need to ride around in the truck, lowering gas mileage.

When the monitors are gone, we might be able to almost squeeze a small car into our garage. A Smart or a Mini, perhaps. Still, it beats having just enough room for someone to squeeze by to take out the trash.

The storage room in the garage is still fairly full, but only because we got rid of some items and replaced them with stuff that was taking up space in the rest of the garage.

And yes, the desk is still clean - save for a notice to remind me of the hours and location for electronics recycling and a small stack of items to scan or file.

Speaking of filing, that's another job I accomplished over the weekend: I cleaned out one other messy corner of the office. We'll see how long that lasts.

I now go to bed with a sense of accomplishment, and secure in the knowledge that I'll walk into the office in the morning, survey the clean surfaces, and wonder just where in the heck I put everything.


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