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Friday, July 11, 2008


The power outage was enough to throw a wrench into the works for a while today. Most of the day was spent at the computer, doing database work. Yawn.

So we're supposed to be in a "mental recession." I wonder if Phil Gramm has to pump his own gas. Seriously. The price of gas has doubled in the last year. Food is up by a huge amount. Some of the middle class can absorb those price hikes with creative budgeting, but a chunk can't. And let's talk about where I live. You know, that place where both parents have to work just to make the rent or house payment.Never mind the new SUV, designer clothes, or elite soccer for the kids. Heck, never mind new shoes for the kids except perhaps at Wal-Mart.

There are a fair number of professionals in this neighborhood, but it's mostly blue collar. People work in construction. Look where those jobs have gone. People work at restaurants or in retail. Unless they're at Wal-Mart their jobs are probably not secure. Yes, the area where I live has a fair number of of illegals aliens, but even discounting them there are a lot of people here who are clinging to solvency in the best of times. What are they supposed to do? Get a third or fourth job? These are people who don't want to end up on unemployment or food stamps or welfare, but will if things get worse because they're sititng on an economic bubble. It ain't whining when things are that bad. Deal with THAT, rich politicians.

Deep breath. It's Friday, right?

I have some new recipe books and plan to do some scanning. Probably not this weekend. Our cunning plan is to get some work done in the garage. As if. But we'll try.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for stopping in.


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