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Two down, one to go

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It is no longer Monday.

I slept (mostly) through the night.

Eye appointment in one hour. Insurance finally straightened out there, I hope. Sonar-assisted corrective lenses cost a fortune, and I would most grateful if the insurance would cover at least part of it. This year I need both glasses and contacts. I suspect insurance can be applied to one, and not the other. Hard to tell. While I always order lenses from the optometrist, I'd like to get my glasses from his dispensery as well. My current pair of bifocals is crap, but the insurance didn't cover them so I went to the one-hour place. No one can do sonar-assisted lenses in the hour labs, so I had to wait a week for glasses that were wrong. The pair that arrived a week later was better, but I still have trouble. I can't read very well with them, nor can I work at the computer. I have a pair of reading glasses with oversided lenses that I wear on top of my glasses so I can see.

Then it's off for a little shopping. I've made a decision on materials for my portfolio. I'd like to get that put together over the next couple of days. Right now I have pictures spread out on surfaces all over the house while the protective coating drys. They should be ready to go at this point.

I was going to go pick up a decent blouse or two today, and now I'll have to add pants to the list. I discovered the zipper on one pair is going out. Since I paid $8 for them several months ago, I'm not upset. The clearance rack is my friend. Well, I can't see spending a fortune for clothing that I just wear around the house. Clothing that I wear to meet clients or for conventions is another matter, though I still try to buy on sale whenever possible.

Guess I'm outta here. The eye doc is on the other side of town.


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