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Monday, April 28, 2008

Coming live from somewhere in The Rut. Gosh, it is Monday, isn't it?

I have a nice, shiny new structure for part of the Nostalgia section mapped out. That shall be today's task, if I can stay awake. Nah, this isn't part of any particular cycle of sleeplessness. Well, it is, but part of a cycle I can almost predict. If you're a woman (or live with one), you know what I mean. I've decided that it will be best to just roll with the requisite two nights of restlessness, and as such I polished off two books over the weekend. Why lay in bed and toss and turn when I can read and relax?

Tried to step away from the computer for the weekend. As you can see by the entries, it didn't quite work. Friday was Tex-Mex night, and we went across town for our Herrera's fix. I wasn't ready to go home, so we dropped in at Firewell at the B&N. I'd put Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union on my read list, and guess what was out of stock? It won a Nebula over the weekend, so I expect copies may be scarce for a bit, then they'll get back in stores. I could order online, I suppose, but I'll give another B&N a shot while I'm out running errands.

You know it's a slow weekend when the highlight is replacing the cat box. As both of you who read this on a regular basis know, we have a LitterMaid. We got sucked into the kitty dark side when a previous cat had Chronic Renal Failure. I have to admit it's a great device to have in a two-cat household. Last week the box froze in mid-rake. At least the cats expressed their displeasure on the floor next to the box instead of elsewhere in the house. We got the rake back in place and scooped the box manually for a few days while Paul investigated repairs. We ended up with a new box. They've improved the design, and it looks like it'll be easier to clean. The rake is metal instead of plastic, and can be removed for cleaning. (Yes!) The new model also appears to solve the problem of stray litter falling between the box and receptacle.

Midnight watched intently as we set up the box, and peered inside as Paul turned it on and tested the mechanism. But neither cat would be first to christen the new apparatus. Paul theorized that it no longer smelled like the old box - a good thing, if you ask me, but catsdo rely on smells for those cues. Someone finally did the deed last night, and now everything is fine in that department.

Well, back to laundry, and then down to the site renovation. I should have the energy for that.


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