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I'm Cleaning My Desk Today - No Foolin'!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Seriously, I am. Because I can't find the top of the thing.

I made things worse Sunday night while trying to wrap up our taxes. I couldn't find the tuition form from the community college. I knew what I'd paid (those receipts, were, amazingly, in the files), I remembered Chris handing me the form, but I couldn't find the darned thing.

I tore through piles o' stuff several times until I found the form - in the tax folder where it belongs. I'd just passed by it three times. Doh.

Right now I have disorganized piles o' crap that relate to several current projects. I'd at least like to get it all into organized piles o' crap. I'm going to haul the big lightbox back into the garage as I found a smaller craft-type lightbox that should work fine for sorting negatives. Plus, there's a niche on one of the sheves where it will fit perfectly when it's not in use. This will free up a truckload of table space.

There's a pile of old bills on the floor. I went through those on Sunday night while searching for the tax form. My bill niche is nice and tidy now. But do you think I could find the mortgage statement? Nooo. But wait! It was right where it belonged! (This is starting to be a theme, isn't it?) Things were just so organized in that spot that I overlooked it. I just need to go through the pile on the floor one last time and make sure I'm not going to toss anything important.

Anyway, I strongly suspect the state of my desk is partially responsible for my current bout of procrastination. If I can't find anything, it all just becomes too overwhelming and I find something else to do.

Organization is a constant uphill climb for me. I suspect I shall never even get halfway up the hill, much less reach the summit. Yet I try because I'm a masochist. I suppose there are worse things to beat myself up over.

There will be no before and after pictures because 1) I'm very shamefaced over the state of things; and 2) Taking pictures means further procrastination.

If I'm not back in three days, please send a search party.


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