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Monday, March 3, 2008

It is well after 10:30 in the morning as I write this and the phone has been quiet. Nary a political call to disturb my morning silence.

Now that I've typed that last graf, the phone shall begin to ring incessantly.

We had one very odd call yesterday. I let the machine pick it up and I never heard the entire message. It started: "If you need a ride to the polls, touch:" followed by a very long string of numbers. I think my telephone number was buried in there somewhere. That just seemed odd.

Oh, there's the phone. It's my mom. I can handle that. Back in a few.

Yep, beats the heck out of political calls.

Spent some time on our local Democratic party web site this morning trying to make heads or tails out of the Texas Democratic primary system. It's a hybrid vote and caucus kind of thing. I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth it to attend the caucus. Any Texas Dems want to fill me in? Here's my situation: I'm independent, but Texas has a closed primary which means I have to vote in one party or the other or just wait until November. I prefer to cast a vote now. I can't find enough in either party to make me want to align myself unilaterally with it. Can I go to the caucus without getting involved in party politics? I'm not sure if that's possible.

I came very close to using the phrase, "warm fuzzies" in the graf above. No, politics certainly isn't about that, but damn it, I would like to attend a "meet the candidates" meeting without being made to feel like I don't belong. Lady, just because one of your designer shoes cost more than my entire outfit doesn't mean that your vote counts more than mine. I'm just sayin'.

Sigh. As an old journalist I enjoy watching politics like a contact sport. I like being informed. I'll get involved in causes that I feel strongly about. I just don't like playing politics.

I suppose that makes me a terrible person in some quarters, but that's the way it is. At least I'm honest about it.

So, how 'bout that weekend? Saturday was absolutely gorgeous - temps in the 70's - so we decided to have a cookout. Paul cooked and he also swept the patio off while I cleaned the table. The first table cleaning of the year is always so much fun. It's been worse. Last winter was dry and warm, and we were able to eat outside until later in the season, so there was less accumulated grime. (And I'm a terrible person because I'm not obsessively cleaning my patio during the winter months. Tough.)

After dinner we sat outside and watched the stars. Wonderful night.

So now I guess I need to start in on really getting the patio ready for spring, but that can wait for a week or two. First things first: I want to be well and truly over this cold. Second thing: It's no use digging in until we're past the last freeze. At that point I can set up all of the plant stands and move the foliage outdoors.

Well, according to the weather radar the rain has moved off, so  that means it's time to wrap up and run down the street for dinner fixin's. The miniscule part of my brain that deals with things like shopping has been hit hard with the cold, and I'm hard-pressed to think more than one meal in advance, though I may be able to handle two meals today. Dare I think that hard? I don't know. My brain may just explode.


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