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What a lovely thing to wake up to!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I guess it's a good thing I got out of bed a little earlier than I'd planned.

Vista applied some updates last night and decided to restart my computer. I am typing from my notebook.

Of course, I left off in the middle of a ton o' work last night. Yes, I'd saved everything. When I restared I had no network connectivity and my phone had locked up and almost completely discharged. (The Mogul has a "Y" connector that allows for charging and docking at the same time, but the design flaw is that unlike an audio "Y" connector, it's important to get the plugs in the correct jacks. Otherwise, it won't charge when the computer is off. Bad design flaw in an otherwise good phone.)

Looks like another restart may have done the trick. I'm not working until this afternoon, but it's just the pain of doing all the stuff to get back to where I was when I left off last night. There's a reason I leave some apps and browser windows open. Fortunately Mozilla can restore the browser windows.

Better get back to setting things right.


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