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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I really just have a few minutes, but it's been so long since I've made a proper entry rather than a meme or my attempts to keep up with the Food Fair theme for the month.

Yeah, it's been busy. I've been snowed under with work. Hey, work is nice. Can't argue with work. Finished some story rewrites, did some work on a web site, got a cloak halfway done. Plus, something I'll unveil in the next post.

Last week I was too sick to even finish bowling. This morning I started out bad and finished with a 224. Can't argue with that. We'll see what happens tonight.

Paul's in some sort of corporate training all week, so we didn't get to do lunch today. Instead, I took Chris out for a trip to the local Chinese buffet. As we were eating he announced that he needed a tux for his next concert. I bit the bullet and bought him one. The last time Paul rented a tux it was darn near as much as we paid for this one outright. He already has dress shoes and a tux shirt and the choir director will supply cumberbunds and ties. I think we got away pretty good. One off the rack fit him everywhere, so all they had to do was hem the pants. I was quite surprised that they didn't have to take the waist in as well. Not only that, but his tux was ready to go in 45 minutes. Can't argue with that.

He was taken aback when I said we'd just go buy him a tux. He knows his mom is a cheapskate. Once I explained the cost of rental vs. the purchase, it all made perfect sense.

Almost time for bowling. Announcement in the next post, then I'm outta here!

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