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Friday, August 3, 2007

Well. Here we are at the end of another week. Things let up very little today. In fact, I did very little real work. Mostly, I spent the day playing catch-up on personal things that have slid all week while I was chained to the computer.

I did take the time to go to coffee with my pals this morning. It was fun as usual. Sometimes I'm so busy I don't make it for weeks at a stretch, and I miss the conversation.

So what's keeping me busy? Here's what I've got on the burners:

Programming for FenCon, which is next month.

A short audio play for the above event, plus a workshop the GRW will be conducting.

I'm adapting The Final Problem for the Texas Radio Theatre. Deadline is October 1.

Also due on October 1 is a piece for an anthology. Once the story gets accepted and the contract signed I'll start saying more about this one. All my writer buds tell me that the story will be accepted with no problems, but both of you who read this regularly know that I don't take anything for granted. If there's a way to blow it, I'll manage to find it. We shall see.

Add that to all the ongoing family stuff and that means my proverbial plate is full.

I've spent the last couple of weeks banging away at a database application. The worst of it is (hopefully) out of the way, but until now I've not seen a lot of the world beyond my desk.

Today was a day to get out and see things. After coffee Chris and I went down to renew my car registration. I'd completely forgotten about it. Not only that, but I'd been so preoccupied with other things that I simply opened the envelope, noted the price hadn't gone up, and set it aside. This morning I not only got a sticker, but a brand new pair of plates. Texas does that every few years. The new plates meant that I had to call the toll authority and let them know about the change. I have a TollTag(R), but their software matches up a picture of the car tag with the RFID info. If they don't match, they send a huge bill. So yeah, I needed to take care of that. Chris reminded me that we'd promised to get him a tag, so rather than make the call we got in his car and drove across town. We got lucky and arrived when there was no line and were in and out in about ten minutes. And no, I really don't mind picking up the tolls for Chris. He doesn't use the toll roads that often, and most of the time when he does, we're in the car with him. The tag is free, and users get a bit of a discount on tolls, so we're saving money.

Since we were in that end of town already, we popped into Central Market and picked up some yummy bacon bleu cheese beef patties. Well, they were yummy once I grilled them. ;-)

Next, it was catching up on housework. I'm hosting a Fencon committee meeting Sunday, so I needed to get the living room presentable. While I was at it I cleaned off the patio and we ended up eating outdoors. It was really too hot to eat outside, but it was something different to do. The misters we recently installed didn't seem to help much at all.

Later, we settled in on the couch for a couple of episodes of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Soupy twist!

Somewhere in all that I got some real work done as well. "Real" as in, I can send invoices and people will pay me if I'm lucky.

Now I'm ready for bed. Terrible, that. It's not even 10 PM on Friday yet, but I'm dead tired. Got lots to do tomorrow, so it probably wouldn't hurt me to attempt to get some rest.

Enjoy your weekend!

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