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Friday, July 20, 2007

And a busy day it has been. In fact, I'm about to take a book and crawl into bed. Yeah, on a Friday night. I'm such a party animal. (Well, I DID do the party animal thing last Friday.)

Big project today was the patio. Our city recently lifted watering restrictions, so I took advantage of that and cleaned the patio and the furniture. I haven't had a chance to hose that area down in over a year due to the restrictions, so it was well past due.

I also picked up a couple of plants today. I'd noticed the other day that one I'd planted to attract butterflies had died. Found a replacement for that and one more for an empty pot I'd been wanting to refill for a while. Got home and found out the dead plant had little green leaves growing in the center. I put the other plant in a different pot.

I put one coat of paint on my white PVC bench and finally decided that I'm going to replace the PVC chairs. They're a decade old and have crud that won't ever come off. The paint isn't doing a good job on the bench, but it'll do. It was a cheap bench to begin with.

It was time to go shopping for new chairs. Target had some on sale last week. Of course the ones I wanted were gone today and what was left had gone back up to regular price. I should have gone for it when they were all 30% off. I've found some at Home Depot that are inexpensive and not bad, but I think I'll check out Garden Ridge tomorrow before I make the purchase.

The patio just about did me in today. I still have plants and furniture all over the back yard, but I'll move them back into place tomorrow.

Dropped in at Fry's tonight and picked up a new set top DVD recorder. Ours died in a power failure the other day. It's plugged into a surge protector, so I can only guess that it was time for it to go. Sigh.

Well, I've got a little laundry to put away, and then I'm going to get something to drink, head off to bed, and go read. Have a good weekend, and thanks for dropping in.

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