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Boy, am I tired!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's been a long day. Let's see, what happened? Last I was up late last night doing some plotting on one WIP. Much progress was made.

Good thing I worked late last night because I woke up this morning with another sinus attack that took out the contact lenses. Lots of eye pain, couldn't stand to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time, that sort of thing. I'd better be able to get my contacts in tomorrow. It's not that I'm vain; it's just that I have this thing about being able to see.

Client paid up today.

Tried to buy a Mogul, but chickened out. I just have this feeling the price is going to drop Real Soon Now. Yeah, I know: Mobile phones fall under the law of electronics pricing. The item you buy WILL be available for less next week. You will cry your eyes out, but if you'd bought the item next week, then the price would dip the week after that. Either that, or it gets replaced with something even better and you're stuck with what you bought.

Sometimes I just have to suck it up and make the purchase. Why do I need a new phone? Well, I don't NEED a new phone, but my PDA is starting to act up. I can get a smartphone with many bells and whistles for the same price as a PDA that does everything I want. I've raved about the wonders of the PDA before. I'm not one of those super-organized types, but the PDA has been a lifesaver - not to mention that it fits in the purse much better than a huge notebook.

So yeah, I've managed to rationalize a toy. The mobile phone part? It's necessary. More of the family things. Perhaps I'll talk more about it some time.

And speaking of family things, I had to spend a chunk of today on just that. One reason I was plotting late last night.

Spent the balance of today in research. I could read a book okay. Along those lines, I've hit the end of my computer time. I can feel the eye protesting.

Just a reminder that I'll be down at the RWA National tomorrow. The trained attack cats and the sullen teenager are on duty.

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