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Storm pics

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

I promised a few pictures, and here they are:

Broken TreeBroken Tree Hosted on Zooomr

This is the cottonwood tree in front of our house. It's a fairly old tree - one of the largest in the neighborhood. It's no surprise that I always get nervous about it when we have a storm.

Pile o' branchesPile o' branches Hosted on Zooomr

Branches from the tree. Man, they were all over the yard. Some were sticking down in the ground and I had to tug at them to get them out.

The root of the problemThe root of the problem Hosted on Zooomr

Here's the base of the tree that fell last night. That and about two more feet of trunk is all that's left in the yard. I am wiped out - not to mention that I wrenched my knee twice while hauling and cutting branches. I think I'm going to take out my contacts, medicate the knee, and watch TV. I'm in the mood for some BritTV today. What'll it be? Maybe some Ballykissangel? Fry & Laurie? You might catch a glimpse on the CatCam. The one thing I know know is that I've got to get some ice on this knee before it swells up like a balloon!

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