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Monday, April 30, 2007

We had a busy weekend at the Manor. Of course, there were the aforementioned photo shoots. Saturday I had one of my periodic pantry-reorganization frenzies. As I've said repeatedly, I am not the world's most organized person. My pantry, however, is this dark, cave-like hole in which I can never find what I want. A few years ago we ripped out the shelving, repainted, and put in adjustable wire shelving. It made a real difference. Last year we added a couple of battery-powered lights. They're small, but they do help. Still the closet is tiny and dark and things tend to get lost. I pulled everything out and added a couple of little wire racks for stacking small stuff. I also took my ever-expanding collection of tea and put the bags in plastic boxes so I could see how many of each type I had on hand. I just hate it when I go open a box of tea bags only to find one left.

I give the pantry two weeks.

This morning we had a rescheduled visit from the A/C technician. everything is running fine, and he also showed me another bit of maintenance we should be doing to keep the condensation draining properly. There ya go.

Saturday night we settled in for TV with two episodes of Dr Who, one of Wild at Heart and lots of Britcoms. Yep, I'm a Brit TV fan.

Yesterday Chris reminded us that his license expires on Friday. The DPS usually sends a reminder about six weeks before expiration, but he didn't get one. So this afternoon it's off to wait in line at the DPS office. Oh, well, by that time it will be raining. I may as well sit in the rain there or here.

But now it's back to the fun world of house cleaning! My newly-remodeled shower is ready to use, but the entire bathroom is covered in dust. Heh, "newly-remodeled" sounds like a complete makeover. Actually, Paul redid the floor. It was quite an undertaking, but it still beat ripping out the entire stall and starting over. Cleaning both bathrooms is my job today. I work a bit, take a little time to breathe, then go back and attack. Even with the hypo-allergenic cleaners the fumes still get to me. See? I'm allergic to housework!

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