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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Yesterday it was webscabbery. Today it's "why the heck can't I get paid?"

Of course, if whining could pay, I'd be rolling in it.

This is another thing that makes a "real" job sound attractive. Generally, I know I'm going to get paid when they say they'll pay me. Some people just don't seem to understand that freelancers have bills just like they do and pay usurious fees when their payments are late - yes, just like they do.

Yeah, it's a vintage whine. And I'm going to stop.

On the list today: Work, which I got out of the way. Laundry, which is in progress. See what I can do on the bit of the novel I plan to post next week. Yes, I am going to follow through with it, knowing full well that people will hate it. Or worse, I'll only hear the sound of virtual crickets. But that's another part of the writing life.

Also on the list: Finish taxes. I've been waiting on the aforementioned check so I can determine how much I need to send in for a quarterly payment. I suppose technically I haven't earned the money until the second quarter at this point, but the IRS likes to get their money. Sigh. I really just need to give everything a final once-over, print out the forms, and write a small(ish) check. We lost the extra child credit this year (because the Kid turned 17) and I didn't realize that. (I was thinking the age was 18. My bad.) We'd have had a small(ish) refund otherwise. Oh, well.

Better get cracking.

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