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Oh, my sinussssss!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The pollen and the humidity have ganged up to do my sinuses in. This isn't the worst year for pollen that I've had. The first couple of springs after we moved into this house were terrible: I couldn't even go to the mailbox without having an allergy attack.

And yes, I suppose I brought some of this on myself, spending too much time outdoors. But hey, when I get the chance to go on a motorcycle ride, I'm not turning it down! I did wear a mask during Sunday's round of yard work, later in the evening I worked on cleaning out the interior of Chris' car, and then yesterday I cleaned his floor mats. Outdoors. Next time, he does it himself.

Yesterday may have been our last drive to school together. It was foggy morning:

Foggy morning from a moving carFoggy morning from a moving car Hosted on Zooomr

Yesterday afternoon Chris picked up his parking permit. Today he drove to school. And home for lunch. And home for half an hour before going back to school to take a test. We've created a monster.

Did some edits on a Wikipedia article. I think I made it better, though at least one person isn't very sure. But then... That's the topic of my next entry.

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