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Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm pressed for time, so this will be short.

I did end up having a picture to post after all, but I couldn't get through to the hosting service I'd planned to use. The joys of beta, eh? Perhaps I'll post it this weekend. I am determined to get the front end alignment done on the car this afternoon. I've felt so crappy all week that I just didn't want to go sit in a waiting room. I still feel bad, but this has to be done so I can replace the front tires and get the car inspected next week.

Other than that, I had the usual Friday laundry and spent some more time on web site updates. Of course, I had the usual work for clients and watched a potentially bad tech support tale unfold.

Speaking of bad tales, there's a new literary agents group on the block - the International Independent Literary Agents Association. It appears to be a group of fee-charging agents attempting to justify their tactics. I've said this before and I'll say it again: You shouldn't pay up-front fees to a literary agent. If they agree to represent you, they get paid when they sell your manuscript. The downside of this (for the writer) is that this makes agents very picky about who they decide to represent. The upside is that if an agent decides to represent you, he or she is going to do some serious tail-busting to try to sell your work. This is how they get paid. The bottom line: Before you sign on the bottom line, please do your homework.

I'll post today's Feline Friday picture, then vamoose. I'm taking bets on whether or not the mechanic will find something else wrong with the car. Right now bets are in favor of "yes."

As always, thanks for visiting and enjoy your weekend.

ETA (later) Sorry abut the HTML problem. I think I have it fixed. And if you bet along with me, then you're a winner! But you didn't pay me any money, so I can't pay out to you, sorry. Turns out that there wasn't much wrong - save that both of the CV joints were about to fall off and the alignment was way out of whack. I'm poorer, but safer.

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