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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm still catching up on things: Trying to clean house, the desk (again!) and update hardware drivers. Lots to do.

Check out this Jack-O'-Lantern Cylon. Cool.

It's duck rabbit grackle season:


We have grackles most of the year, but in the late fall it gets particularly bad. Grackles will congregate in large clusters in trees and along utility wires. Sometimes a stretch of wire like the one above will be black with birds.

Several years ago Chris and I were out in the car and we stopped at a major intersection here in town. On one side of the road the wires were heavy with grackles. There had to be several hundred of the birds. I kid you not. While we were stopped the grackles decided to go sit on the wires on the other side of the road. As they crossed we heard what sounded like a driving rain. Guess what hit our car? It was off to the gas station for a trip through the car wash! I have never seen that extensive a gathering of grackles before or since.

The less said about the Cowboys last night the better. Two words, though: "quarterback controversy."

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