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Dead tired

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yesterday I woke up at six and couldn't get back to sleep; this morning it was four.


The rain has moved out, and so far we've had four inches of rain this month. While that's double what we usually get in October, we're still four inches down on the year. This drought started last year, so we're still way behind. It's going to take about 20" of rain to even catch up. That is, if I read the weater data correctly.

I started reformatting some of the Ballykissangel stories yesterday and ended up rewriting several. The ones I've worked on over the last couple of days have the date in bold. I also fixed some bad links and the like. Feedback is welcome, as usual. I am a masochist.

Baseball got rained out last night, so we had two episodes of House. Yay! Don't forget that Hugh Laurie is hosting Saturday Night Live on October 28. If you've never seen him do comedy before, you're in for a treat - I hope. I've not been a huge fan of SNL in recent years. It's more "miss" than "hit" in my book. OTOH, if I went back and watched the early episodes, I'd probably think the same thing. So take that with a grain of salt.

Did I mention that I picked up a few old cookbooks the other day? They'll either be added to the Nostalgia section or a new area we're thinking about.

Chris came home from school sick today, but I'll give him points for doing his English work and getting it turned in before he crashed. He had a major paper due today.

This is short. I'll post a picture and then go rest my shoulder for a bit. I've barely budged from the computer and I need to get up and move before I just freeze in place.

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