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Another busy one on the way...

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Just popping in to catch up on things. I am absolutely bushed. Hoping to hear my test results today. It's been a week, but since there was a holiday this week I shouldn't be surprised if it takes another day.

Yesterday was the first day of the fall bowling season. I did great in the morning league and was "constipated" (couldn't do cr@p) last night. Good thing we were setting averages last night. The afternoon was spent sewing, and I need to get back to that. I'll have a brown cloak up later today and hope to have another ready to post.

I got through all of the RR's this morning. Wow. There were some really good entries. I've also updated the linking list. While I do try to get my entry up early, Wednesdays are so busy that I don't always have time to make the rounds to see all of the other posts. Wednesdays are usually busy around the Manor.

Don't know if I'll manage a picture today. And dang, Feline Friday is tomorrow, isn't it? I have a boatload of client work to catch up on in the morning, but hopefully I'll be able to snag a kitty picture sometime.

Better get moving!

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