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Monday, September 4, 2006


Yep, we're in for a day of rain. I'd gripe about rain on a holiday, but we need the stuff.

Saturday morning we went downtown to the First Saturday Sidewalk Sale. I took the camera, but it was too cloudy to get any really decent pictures. Had breakfast at The Mecca with friends, then headed up to grab some fabric from the wholesalers.

Chris asked if we could please replace his computer system case. Ever since he replaced the power supply last year the CD drive has been hanging halfway out because it hit the cables. We found him a good deal on a case, and so I took the old case. Mine has been acting flaky for a long time. If I bumped it there was a 50/50 chance the computer would just shut down. That is not good.

Of course, an upgrade can never go smoothly around this place. Paul offered to swap out all the parts, so I let him do that job while I sprayed all of the components with canned air to get rid of the dust. It didn't take long to get everything back in place, but when Paul flipped the switch we heard a grinding noise from one of the fans. Turned out to be the fan on the video card. So off we went to Fry's to find a replacement. Amazingly, we found one. I also bought a new mouse. Exciting stuff, eh?

I wonder if that fan wasn't acting funny before all this. Now that I've got everything back in place the computer is running better. We suspect the thing that saved the video card was the extra cooling fan we put in the slot next to the card a couple of years back.

Spent last night writing. Finally. It's amazing what deadline pressure will do. Yesterday was my self-imposed deadline for the Fencon audio play. Not only did I manage to bang something out, but I think it's a tad long. We'll need to sit down and read it out loud.

Check out Miss Snark's blog (linked on the left) for her Crapometer this weekend. This is something she does a couple of times a year. Usually she takes a select number of queries and/or partials submitted by readers and offers up her critique on each. Great stuff.

Well, it's about time for lunch. I've rambled on enough. But it's a holiday. And please, enjoy yours!

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