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Trying to ease back into the saddle again. The August break is still on, but with school starting in two days it seems prudent to attempt to work back to something approaching normality.

Didn't get around to everything on the list this weekend; several competing items tugged for my attention. And of course, there's always the stuff that pops up at the last minute, screaming "me! Me! What about me?" Oh, yeah. THAT stuff. The desk remains cluttered, but I finally got the changes to the experimental WAP site finished.

WAP you say? WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, which is something small devices such as cell phones and PDAs use to browse the web. That's a bit of a simplified definition, but you get the idea. If you want to read more, here's a starting point. Why WAP? Because we have cell phones with Internet access, and we like to be able to watch the CatCam. There ya go.

I'm still having trouble with the mobile images, but I'm sure I'll get them to work at some point.

The other thing that prompted all this was that Paul got a shiny A900 phone last week. Cool phone. Now he wants to watch the CatCam!

Since it was the tax-free weekend I got a good deal of shopping in. I found some great bargains. And to be honest, it was so hot on Saturday that we couldn't stick around the house. So we shopped. We didn't make that many purchases; mainly we just ran around looking at things.

Sunday cooled off to the point where I could finish cleaning in the living room. The new curtains are up and the furniture is in place. I still need to do the shelves in the bathroom. When I opened the package I discovered that mounting screws were not included, which means I need to poke around the parts drawers and see if I can find some. If not, it's another trip to the giant home improvement center. Ugh.

I think the macro filters are here. When we got home on Saturday there was a notice for a registered item in my business name, which is how I purchased the filters. I used PayPal, which is in the business name. Anyway, I'm off to there in a few minutes after the morning rush subsides. If they are my macro lenses, perhaps I'll have a cool picture to show later on.

Dang. While I was typing that I got a request for feedback. Yeah, as soon as I get the item. Give me a break.

The Wikipedia imbrogliio continues. Cooler heads may be finally winning out, but the one hothead is really giving me fits. This guy hates the topic. He's biased, yet he accuses everyone else of being biased. Apparently we're all part of some vast conspiracy because we don't agree with him. I'm working on a rewrite of the article, but I know that when I'm done he'll have a hissy fit over it. Oh, well. I've decided that I can't be bothered with what he thinks until he decides to form his opinions in a rational manner and lay off the conspiracy theories. As much as I hate to discount someone's opinion, it's difficult for me to consider rants that ramble off into wild theories valid. There may be something valid to what he has to say, but I can't find it.

Enough of the blood pressure raising. It's too early. Best go see if my package is there so I can leave the guy his feedback already. Sheesh.

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8/7/2006 9:31:40 AM
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