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Behold! Eclipse Pictures!

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Monday, April 8, 2024

I'm in North Texas, so we had a lot of cloud cover. Also had camera trouble. However, the clouds parted for at least a portion of totality, and it was awesome. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Unless I want to spend a ton of money to go to another location. I don't think that's going to happen.

Anyway, have some pictures!

2024 Solar Eclipse

We had a lot of clouds. this was shortly before totality.

2024 Solar Eclipse

Just a sliver left!

2024 Solar Eclipse

Just after totality. You can see a planet (Venus?) to the left of the crescent.

2024 Solar Eclipse

Maybe a minute later. I wasn't kidding about the clouds.

2024 Solar Eclipse

The moon is receding now. 

2024 Solar Eclipse

2024 Solar Eclipse
I like this one with the clouds.

2024 Solar Eclipse

I added a warm filter in Photoshop to this one. Note the sunspots!

2024 Solar Eclipse

Near totality. From the cell phone. Not the best shot, but I like the beads.

Anyway, I fun afternoon!

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