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Ending the weekend

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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Hey, it's been an alternately busy and relaxing weekend. I spent some time Saturday trying a new UV resin technique. I'm not very happy with the result, but i also kinda think I just need to keep working with it.

Spent way too much time today on retirement calculations.

Retirement you say? Oh, I don't believe a creative ever truly retires. However, I don't want to be stuck on things that I should be saying no to while Paul has all the fun! 

I have this plan to have my business help finance retirement. To be honest, though, every time I update my plan, something happens. And it did on Friday. It's not my story to tell, not at least until I have more details. I only wish it were good news. I'm afraid it's yet another time suck of a task that will have to be done and I may not have much help doing it. It's also something I can't say no to because it's part of a commitment I made that I absolutely cannot back out of. Oh, I could if I died, but I promise you that's not on the agenda. 

So yeah. Looks like another tough few months ahead for me. I just have to buck up and do it. 

I did just say yes to being in the Art Show at Armadillocon this year. They've moved to September 6-8, which is about a month later than their usual time. I need to get that on the Events sidebar. Soonercon? I'm attending. That's all I know.

And speaking of updating calendars, I could have sworn there was something on tap for tomorrow and now I can't find it. Better go look for it...

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