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A day of computer housekeeping

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Wedensday is bowling night. Also, I've had allergy issues. This means no cleaning in the craft room today because I wanted to be in shape to bowl.

I spent much of the day at my computer, doing updates and installing a program called Inkscape. Inkscape is an open source program that's sort of aiming to be a replacement for Adobe Illustrator. The big thing that attracted me to Inkscape is a plug-in for digitizing graphics for embroidery. I gave up on my last software as it was just getting to expensive to justify occasional use. We'll see how this works out.

Of course, this meant dragging out the one laptop that will still connect to my Singer embroidery machine. (Why update the software when they can sell you new hardware?) This meant a truckload of updates and maintenance before I could even install Inkscape. There went a good chunk of my day. But it's Wednesday, so it was a good day to for such things.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a good night for bowling. I did well the first game, which our team won. We got clobbered the next two games. I almost made my average the second game, but could only manage a 118 my third game. Almost everything that went wrong could, including a long delay while the lane mechanics removed a pin from the ball return. It was something I had never seen, but the mechanics assured us that it does happen on occasion. I believe them. 

Tomorrow I plan to get back into the craft room. I have one more surface to clean, then it'll be down to the fiddly bits. 

Okay, two surfaces.

Amongst the surfaces...

Seriously, I've been making my way around the room. I'll get there. I hope.

And now it's way past when I should be going to bed, so perhaps I should head off that way.

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