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Wednesday, September 19, 2023

Oxford - Diddly Squat - Glasgow


This evening finds us in the Courtyard by Marriott at the Scottish Event Centre, just a block or so away from the River Clyde. Our view out the window was a crane, but it’s one of the old shipping cranes they’ve revived as landmarks in the city.

But first, today’s driving! After breakfast we headed to Chipping Norton, home of Diddly Squat Farm, made famous on “Clarkson’s Farm.” The plan was to have lunch, but by this time the rain had started to come down, so we had to do with a muddy trek to the farm shop to buy a couple of things and then got on the road to Glasgow.

Good thing we did, for it was a very long drive. We left Diddly Squat around 10:30 and made it got Glasgow around 6 with a stop at the Royal Oak in Wolverhampton for lunch. (No relation to the Royal Oak where we’ll be staying later in the trip.) We had dinner at a nearby Hilton that was on the river, so we had dinner with a nice river view.

One slightly amusing bit was to drive up the M8 and see exits for many of the towns mentioned in the Lord Peter Wimsey mystery “The Five Red Herrings.”

Obviously not much journaling to do on this day.


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