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Thursday, September 21, 2023



If it’s Thursday, this must be Glasgow. And my birthday, so said the card Paul gave me before we went out to dinner. And yes, it was a lovely birthday!

After breakfast we walked along the river and down to the city centre for a bit of shopping. I was cold, so I picked up a stocking cap. We also hit one of those clan tartan stores and got a Clan Barclay scarf, then hit up a chemist or two for a few boring travel toiletries that needed replacing.

Glasgow is a city of contradictions. It used to be a major manufacturing and shipping center. That part is still in operation, though not on the scale previously. The city seems to be shaking off its old industrial mangle and reweaving itself a shiny new cloak. We’re staying at the Glasgow Event Centre, a modern complex with seriously modern hotels.

Walking along the river, the shiny new construction gave way to derelict warehouses. Then the city centre appeared like an old stalwart ship coming into harbor. Like many old European cities, they appreciate and preserve their history.

Lunch was at the Shilling Brewery. I had to have one of their guest beers on tap, Stouty McStoutface.

We meandered back home along a more inland route, rested up a bit, then went to dinner at Mezcal, a Mexican place. They had some interesting margaritas. Hey, the quest to find good Tex-Mex is the quest, right? Technically, this was Mexican, and some people who don’t live in the Southwest might not get the difference. But both are good. And did I mention the margaritas?


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