Barrett Manor

Festival Hall

Festival Hall

Napoleon Bonaparte statue and Festival Hall.

From the back: This statue is unique in that it is one of the few showing Napoleon seated in a meditative attitude. It is the work of Daniel C. French, probably the foremost living American scultpor. It is of heroic size, and rests on a low pedestal, by the left approach to Festival Hall.

In the great group of statues of famous men which line the walks to Festival Hall, this Napoleon probably arouses the gretest interest and most comment, not alone because it depicts him in a mood not generally associated with his character, but because it pictures him through whose act we acquired the great Louisiana Territory, the purchase of which a century ago, we now commemorate in this surpassing Universal Exposition. This picture also affords a full view across the Cascade Gardens, including the main Cascade with its wealth of statuary, the statuary groups along the East Cascade and stately Festival Hall.