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These stories are in order by date written; the latest is at the end. See the note at the bottom regarding revisions. Latest update - 11/2008

If you've never seen the program or are curious about my motivation for writing these stories, then please see the notes.

A Close Encounter (4/2007, rev. 1/2008) - Written in honor of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasants Day. Set in present day. A bit of a "where are they now" tale featuring Peter and someone given up for dead.

Better Than a Shrink (9/2002 rev. 1/2005) - Peter starts a journal after he leaves Ballykissangel.

Alignments (10/2002) -  He's ba-a-ck! Uncle Minto returns to town and manages to get both Paul Dooley and Fr. Mac in an uproar.

Spiritual Advice (10/2002 rev. 1/2005) - Sequel to "Better than a Shrink." Peter continues his healing journey.

Victorian Rose (11/2002 - 2/2009 - Thanks to swissmarg for the lovely banner!) - A death in the village causes undue upset to Kathleen.

24 Hours (1/2003, rev. 3/2004) - Set in season three. Assumpta is down with the flu, and Peter deals with another death and tries to sort out his feelings.

He Only Came for the Uniform (2/2003, rev. 1/2006) - Ever wonder about Father Clifford's predecessor?

The Christening (3/2003, rev. 1/2006) - It's Peter's first christening in Ballykissangel and the pressure is on.

The Angels Would Cry (6/2003) - A look between the scenes of "The Reckoning."

Is This Really Happening? (11/2003 rev. 1/2005) - Someone threw the gauntlet down and I had to do it: What if Assumpta did not die?

Home for the Holidays (12/2003, rev. 3/2004) - Peter finally comes to grips with Assumpta's death.

Sabbatical (6/2004) - Just what the doctor ordered: Three days of rest and relaxation hiking in the woods. Unfortunately for Peter, things don't work out quite as planned.

Missing Scene: Amongst Friends (12/2004, rev. 1/2006) - Peter has one more thing to do before he leaves town.

I've revised several of these stories. Most of the revisions have consisted of fixing typos and continuity errors. On others, I've changed a few minor but significant points - sometimes to advance the plot, other times to bring my stories in line with canon. For example, after I'd written "24 Hours" I realized that Dr. Ryan wore a wedding ring. I'd had him single, and thus added to the story to account for the fact that we never see his wife. These stories have a second revision date noted along with the original date of posting.

1/6/05: Starting with the 1/6/05 revisions, this page and every revised story will follow this page design. There are two reasons for this. The most obvious is that it follows the rest of the site. In addition, I hope the stories will be easier to read in the new format. Feedback is always welcome.

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Other Fanfic:

Margaret Pattison's Ballykissangel Fanfic Page - This is the best repository of BallyK fanfic on the web, IMO. Opens in a new window for your surfing pleasure. (11/6/2008: Moved to a new host. Please update your bookmarks.)

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