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Friday Is For Felines

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Friday, July 26, 2019

It's a cool enough day today (a rarity in the Texas summer), that I opened the blast curtain to the patio door and let the cats enjoy the day.

2 cats 2019-07-26 105259.png

They've both been sunning and playing there all morning.

These kitties are growing. If you follow me on Facebook, you can track their progress. (Oh, and if you friend me there, do me a favor and comment here so I know who you are. I've had some rather spammy friend requests lately.)

And yes, it's a blast curtain. our patio faces south and gets the brunt of the afternoon sun. We purchased a curtain that blocks light and has some insulation, and it seems to have made a difference in the temperature of the room. I have similar curtains on the north window, but I don't deploy them unless it's really hot or cold because that window is in the shade and has a bamboo shade that stays down for most of the time. That does a pretty good job of regulating the temperature in that part of the room.

It's Friday, and I'm catching up with laundry and working in the studio, sewing out some patches for a friend and doing some more organization. The latter task is a never-ending job. Seems every time I get it approaching organized, I tear the place apart looking for something. Part of today's job is going to be labeling bins. They're clear, but I still have to take them down off the shelf to see what's in them. My biggest problem is that I keep forgetting about the bin full of fascinator hat bases, and then I go make more bases for more hats. I really ought to work though my stock first!

Enjoy your weekend! 

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