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Maker Christmas, Circa 1926

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While running errands last Friday, I dropped in at an antique shop. Look what I found:


This is Radio News from December, 1926. Edited by Hugo Gernsback (yes, that Hugo), the magazine regularly featured a mix of news, devices for hobbyists, and ads. Lots of 'em. Often articles would highlight items advertised elsewhere in its pages. The cover project was no exception.

I wish I could scan in the article, but the magazine is very fragile at that point. Essentially, it involves placing a speaker element inside of the box. Now, where would an aspiring hobbyist find an element? In the back of the magazine, of course. Behold the Rotofor Piano Speaker!


Only $28. 

And some 30 years before Herman Horne. (Which begs the questions: Does the child have shoes? Does Grandma own a second dress?)

I wouldn't water the tree when it's placed in that box...

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12/13/2012 12:05:09 PM
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