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Have Some Bonus Cats!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Yes, I know. I was going to stay away from the computer. And I did. I was a good girl. I did some sewing and some (gasp!) housecleaning. The evening was so lovely that Paul and I decided to have dinner on the patio.

Then the cats happened.

But of course!

First, Abby dashed outdoors and started to nom on some grass:


Then Midnight decided to poke her nose out the door:


Next thing you know, they were both under the bench:


Tolerating each other! 

And here's one last picture of Abby, listening to the dog across the alley bark:


Canine off the starboard bow!

I'm certain that later tonight the cats will thank us for the romp with gifts they are making even as I type. Where did I put that carpet cleaner?

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