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The end of the week is nigh!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

And that doth maketh me a happy camper. Or something like that.

I spent today cleaning. My desk is almost clean! I also cleaned and rearranged the typwriter nook. Here it is now:

Typewriting Nook

This is from Flickr, so you can click through for the larger picture. Allow me to give you a short tour: At the bottom right is my Remington Noiseless 6 typewriter. To the left, a bio of Queen Victoria, a Sherlock Holmes plate (a gift from P.N. Elrod) and several desky odds and ends along with my katana sword. When all else fails, I can simply shred my work. ;-) Above that is a magnetic dry erase board that I put in a frame I picked up on sale at Michael's. Above that, a lobby card for the Mexican version of The Final Problem. Next to that some pictures from the UK and Ireland. Above that a Tom Kidd print of a cover he did for a Sherlock Holmes anthology. That's worth zooming into. Next to that a new purchase over the weekend - a John Picacio Drood print. (Both prints are signed by the artists.)

And yes, there are hats, and an old camera, and the fuzzy foot of a teddy bear (the rest of the bear is outside of the frame. I have to say that lest you think I have some teddy bear foot fetish). The book case on the left consists almost entirely of Sherlockian books. And pardon the state of the baseboard. We'd just pulled up a cable, and I really need to just empty out the room and give it a good coat or six of paint. Maybe during the two weeks of fall, when I can open the windows and wear a mask. The joys of asthma.

So, what am I going to write there? Perhaps I'll work on the Sherlock piece there. Or the Steampunk.

What else am I working on? Odds and ends. I had another idea on the QL novel. Yes, I know. I'll never publish it, but I'm using it as an exercise in plotting. This is the novel I started and abandoned when Ace dropped the novel line. Last year at the convention there was some interest from the fans in seeing it finished. Well, yes, I suppose it is fanfiction at this point, but I find this a useful exercise because there is absolutely no pressure to get it published.

I'm also working on some new Steampunk Cats. They've been selling well at SF convention art shows, and I really need another one or two to add to the collection. Also have some more ideas for laser photography. I really need to expand my portfolio if I'm going to go to convention art shows on a regular basis. I don't want to be one of those sad folks who show the same things at every single convention in the region, hardly ever getting a bid. That's wrong. It's also another revenue stream, if I can manage it right.

Here we are, pushing 4:00. I'm about ready to call it a week. I have a little cleaning in the bedroom to wrap up, and then it must might be beer o' clock. Well, more like Dr Pepper o'clock. But beer o'clock has that "slide down the tail of the dinosaur at the end of the day" ring to it, doesn't it?

Enjoy your weekend. I plan to enjoy mine and do as little as possible. I've earned it.

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