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Upping The Cat Treatment Regimen

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, she still calls it "torture."

We're now into the isolation phase.There's just so much dust and pollen in the air right now that there's no way we can keep it all out of every single bit of carpet, upholstery, and drapery in the house. The vet agrees that this is impossible for most folks in this area. You get obsessive, clean the house, then open the door to get the mail, and in rush the pollens. Rinse and repeat.

So Abby is now living in the "isolation ward," or the utility room. Her only textile companion is a clean towel. At least she knows where her towel is. We go in and play with her now and then, and sometimes bring her out for visits (always in someone's arms) in between allergy treatments. She gets treated in a different room in the house. It's not fun, but it beats dealing with a skin infection.

Besides, she gets tuna!

These allergies upset her so much that she doesn't want to eat, although she'll still take in water and cat milk. We've discovered that a little bit of tuna on a plate is just enough to whet her appetite for the stuff she really ought to be eating. The tuna works better in isolation because Midnight would fight her for the stuff.

We're cruel Slaves, but fair.


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