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The Writing Nook

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm afraid this isn't very exciting, and that's just the point. I've ditched the plan of a reading nook in the bedroom and replaced it with a writing nook.


Pardon the crappy quality of the picture. I'm shooting in mixed light and white balance is a bear.

The idea was to put something together with zero expenditure, and I did it. The table is an old sewing machine table, the kind with a second tier that wraps around the machine. I took a cardboard box, cut it to size, and filled it with other boxes to fill the space that would have held the machine, and then threw a piece of velvet on top to cover. The green contrasts nicely with the red katana sword. This is the bookcase that holds the Sherlock Holmes and Victorian-era history books, which will give me handy reference for the novel I'm plotting out. The cutting board is there to provide a smooth surface if I need it. (Yes, it's a new cutting board. Found it for a buck on clearance not long ago.)

Now I just need to add a folding chair, and I'll be set.

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