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Weekend Assignment: A Decade of Thanks

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What aspect of living in the 21st century are you most thankful about? I'm talking technology, medical breakthroughs, favorite tv shows, even people and pets born since the ball drop of nine years ago.

I'm pretty darned thankful for the technology that allows me to work at home. Now if the economy would just cooperate...

Well, this is amusing. As I was working on this blog post the doorbell rang. UPS delivered us a new router! It's a good thing I wasn't working today, which is precisely one reason Paul took the time to outline to Verizon all of the problems we had been having with the old router. I'll spare you the techy details, but when Paul called yesterday they agreed that we needed a new router and promised to drop ship one immediately, though they told us it would be Friday before it arrived, since tomorrow is a holiday. Imagine our surprise when the equipment arrived at our door this afternoon.

As a result of swapping out gear we've had intermittent connectivity today as Paul pulled the old router, connected the new one, and went through the process of setting it up to work with our home network. But now we're back, though I expect several glitches as he and Chris are working out all the geeky bits.

Medically, I'm thankful that some cancers are easier to detect and treat early.

And, of course, there's the usual stuff: A wonderful family and income and a place to live in these uncertain times.

Extra Credit: What are you most looking forward to as the century continues?

I hope medical science gets better at minimizing false positives. Of course, I'd rather deal with the stress and uncertainty of a false positive than a missed diagnosis.

I'm looking forward to new, shiny technology. A lot of the "gee whiz" gadgets I grew up watching on Star Trek have become a reality.

So, what else am I thankful for? That someone else is going to clean up after I cook the big meal. I've already started, and in fact I need to get back to the bread. Two more risings...

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